A few words from previous clients and those who know my work. 

It is my pleasure to unreservedly endorse Elizabeth Ashton as a masterful energy healer. I’ve experienced her work over several years and have been nurtured, delighted, soothed and surprised by our sessions together. Her work is precise, deeply and profoundly penetrating. It has been my experience that energy blocks have been released and transformed around issues that I hadn’t been aware of until our session! After our sessions I experience a feeling of having been deeply healed, cared for and nurtured with an enhanced ability to be present, vibrant and attuned, in my own life.

Elizabeth shares her entire wealth of life experience, wisdom, compassion and generosity in her practice as an energy healer. As a client, I can attest that Elizabeth is a trustworthy guardian, that you are safe with her as a collaborative partner in doing this very vital, deeply personal and transformative work. What you will experience is astonishing, and soothing, as the energy healing penetrates and shifts those places in ourselves that are seeking healing.

Elizabeth is a woman of clear integrity, fierce spirit, with a gentle touch, whether you are working together in person, or at a distance, you can entrust Elizabeth as a partner in your healing journey. I wholeheartedly recommend her as a practitioner for this vital work.

Regina Islas 27 Jan 2015


As the Director of a Healing Touch Clinic, I have observed Elizabeth and her work with clients. The people with whom Elizabeth work with often comment on how powerful and helpful their session with her was. I see the clients come for their session looking anxious and stressful or grappling with a personal or health challenge. After their session with Elizabeth, they leave with a renewed spirit, feeling stress free, and experience relief from their emotional or physical pain situation.

Helen Hann, MDiv, CHTP, HTCP


Aging is difficult enough with all the diseases and accidents to which we are subjected. When I fell down all the stairs, I ached in many places I never knew I owned before. Elizabeth knew what to do. The pain always diminished or disappeared and I became more serene, peaceful and was able to relax, and release. How wonderful!

Ginger F.


Elizabeth helped decrease the pain and increase the movement of my frozen shoulder which I had been suffering with for over a year!  I also felt happier and more settled within myself, which was an unexpected bonus, she somehow really tuned into what my body needed. She's very knowledgeable and has a special way about her,  I  trusted her completely during my sessions. I'm so glad she recommended coming for several sessions as each one gave me more and more relief.  AY San Francisco 

A.Y. San Francisco


Elizabeth gave me a remote energy balancing session in January 2015. I was home for a few days between two very stressful business trips with long working hours. The session let me experience pure relaxation. My mind quieted during the hour long experience and I was able to tap into new energy for the upcoming trip. I recommend a session with Elizabeth Ashton to rebalance from stressful work environments.

 Jan U.